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Railway Equipment Division

Escorts Kubota Railway Equipment Business Division possesses a rich, multi decade experience in design, development and manufacturing of critical railway components. The division (operationalized in 1962) is one of the oldest such units in the country, partnering the Indian Railways in its modernization journey.

The company is a market leader across all its product offerings like Brake System, Suspension System, Coupler, Rubber & Friction Products. Company also supplies HVACs, Toilet Systems, Electric Panels, Automatic Plug Doors etc.

Company is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 certified and has received coveted Railway industry specific IRIS: Rev03 (ISO TS/22163) certification with products conforming to Indian RDSO (Research Design & Standards Organization)

With presence across 4 continents Company exports Railway products to South Asian, African, Oceanic and European countries.

Escorts Limited was the first to commence manufacturing of Compressed Air Brake system in India, for railway applications in 1981.

Escorts has ultra-modern, precision manufacturing facilities for Distributor Valves and is the largest manufacturer in Asia, having supplied over 100,000 nos. to Indian Railway for various freight and passenger car applications.

Escorts has been a supplier of advanced Coupler systems to Indian Railways to haul wide variety of rakes such as High Speed Trains, Metros, EMUs, MEMUs & DMUs for over the past 30 years. We also supply high capacity couplers for locomotives which include GM/EMD Locos and ALCO Locos.

Escorts manufactures heavy duty Hydraulic Dampers & Air Suspension Control Equipment for Indian Railways. Our suspension systems ensure a constant floor height on coaches by optimizing the values of stiffness and damping the vibration to provide passenger comfort.

Escorts Limited is manufacturing Composite Brake Blocks and Pads for Indian railways and export markets. The raw materials are sourced from prime manufactures/mines to ensure proper quality. The mixers are PLC controlled to avoid any human error.

Escorts has fully equipped labs for complete testing of raw materials and finished products.

Microprocessor controlled, Roof Mounted AC Package Unit (RMPU) maintains comfort zone for the passengers inside the coaches by controlling temperature and humidity level.

Depending on ambient temperature the modes of heating, ventilation, cooling and dehumidification can be easily selected through HMI panel.

Compatible with different rail vehicles ranging from metros to regional and long-distance passenger trains. Our product complies with international standards and ensures world class system reliability and passenger safety. Boasting a powerful and robust electrical drive mechanism coupled with SIL3 complied Door Control Unit.

The system is easy to install, offers long lasting performance and have minimal maintenance requirements

VES is a modular Bio toilet system for passenger coaches. Vacuum evacuation system is designed such that it sucks out the waste from toilet with minimum use of water into the Bio- digester tank installed under the carriage.

The amount of water used for each flush is only about 0.5 liter so the tank capacity both for the fresh water and the waste can be kept small.

Electric Panel consists of MCBs, Relays, Contactors, Terminal Blocks & cables. Main application of Electric Panel is for protection and controlling of operation of compressor, motors, fan, light, doors, braking, traction system, CCTV, FDS and other related accessories

    Manufacturing Excellence

    The manufacturing plant of the Railway Equipment Business Division is spread across 5,98,580 sq. ft. housing robust production, and testing facilities integrated with inhouse Research & Development center.

    The division also possesses strong quality practices and systems backed by state of the art calibration facilities, standard room including automatic 3D CMM and other facilities selected around MSA principles.

    • Lean manufacturing concept with capability to produce multipletechnology-based products through engagement of multiple processes
    • State-of-the-art CNC machining (HMCs, VMCs, TCs & DTCs), hydraulic power presses ranging from 50 tons to 1000 tons, rubber and friction material mixers/kneaders, injection and compression moulding, welding, heat treatment and heat xchanger ovens
    • Dust-free air conditioned assembly shops for manufacturing highly critical products
    • Process design based on FMEA outcomes to achieve optimum process apabilities (SPC)
    • Captive power generation of approx 4.5 MW for 100% power backup to run uninterrupted manufacturing

    Plant Layout


    Assembly Area


    Research & Development


    Machining Center


    Rubber Testing Facility


    Shocker Testing Facility


    PMBS Testing Facility


    Coordinate Measuring Machine

    Railway Equipment Division Certifications