Escorts Group


Meet the leaders who have crafted Escorts Group's success story

Mr. Rajan Nanda

Mr. Rajan Nanda, Chairman & Managing Director of Escorts Group, is a visionary leader who has played a defining role is establishing Escorts as an organization of repute. His astute leadership has resulted in giving Escorts a sharper focus in the high growth economy sectors of agri machinery, construction equipment, railway equipment and auto components. Mr. Nanda is an active member of several apex trade and industry bodies. As a member of the CII National Council, he has served as the Chairman of its Agriculture Committee. Mr. Nanda plays a pivotal role in promoting the cause of Indian agriculture and his endeavours resulted in the government announcing the long-awaited National Agriculture Policy.

Leadership Team

The leadership team of Escorts has been instrumental in chartering the growth of the company as a trusted agricultural and infrastructure solutions brand. Our leaders have played a remarkable role in leveraging Escorts’ inherent strengths to navigate unprecedented challenges and grow consistently in capabilities, influence, technology and response to customer needs.